Introducing the "Makin' Memories" Collection.

Inspired by the colours of the forest & the beach (some of my favourite locations to photograph!), I have curated a collection of tees, crewnecks & hats that best reflect what I love to do most - make memories. 

These pieces are perfect for anyone: fellow photographers, adventure seekers, sunset lovers, travellers, the list goes on and on. 

Because what are we all doing in this life, but making memories?

Click on an option below to order through my contact form. Prices are as follows: CREWS - $62.00, TEES - $45.00, HATS - $38.00. Upon ordering, you will be sent an invoice to be paid via e-transfer to 

There is a $5.00 delivery fee for both Niagara, Ontario & Champlain, Ontario. Champlain deliveries will be made as soon as possible, while Niagara deliveries can be made from May 4th to 14th, 2023. 

Please note shipping costs vary for elsewhere in Canada and will appear on your invoice. Happy shopping!

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