5 Interesting Facts About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my brand new website!

I’d thought I’d kick things off with a fun, little blog post telling you some interesting things about myself.

1. If I didn’t go to school for photography, I would have gone for interior or graphic design. 

I graduated from Sheridan College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography, but Sheridan College offers SO many more degree programs as well. If they didn’t yet offer the photography program, I would be happy learning more about graphic or interior design. I love creating beautiful displays with tangible decor items, which is why I think I would be a great interior designer. I’m also experienced in different computer software and enjoy creating flyers, posters, brochures, and much more.

2. I LOVE baking.

I bake something new at least once a week! I love making different types of cookies, cakes, and muffins. There’s something about baking that is just relaxing to me. I’ll start on a new recipe if I need a break from doing anything photography related. I wait all year until it’s an appropriate time to start Christmas baking because I just love it! I also recently purchased a new Kitchen-Aid mixer, so they’ll be a lot of baking days in my future.

3. I’m an animal lover.

Dogs are my absolute favourite, but I love all animals! And, it makes me beyond happy when clients bring their fur babies to their photo sessions! I will never turn them down.

4. My life wouldn’t be complete without music.

I always need something to listen to whenever I’m working. If I’m editing, I’ll listen to the Coffeehouse Playlist on Spotify. During photo sessions, I will always have music playing in the background. I’ll play a calm playlist to keep you comfortable & relaxed, or some fun songs to pump you up - whatever the vibe may be.

5. I’m the most organized person I know.

This is the truest fact about myself. I make so many lists and own more planners than I can count. If I don’t organize myself, I will end up losing my mind. Every day, I create a schedule of everything I need to complete that day and try my best to stick to it. I also organize all my hard drives and SD cards in a way that works well for me!

Now you know a little bit more about me! Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to share more fun blog posts with you!

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