Champlain Photographer | Looking Out My Back Door

I’m sure you’re at least somewhat familiar with the creation story as told in The Bible. Everything on Earth was created in the span of six days, and the seventh day (Sunday) was a well-deserved rest day. Well, I believe ‘Glass Forests’ deserve their own day. The honorary eighth day.

A few weeks ago, while it was still a far below zero temperature outside, I took my camera out to photograph all the trees and plants that were covered with frozen rain. I would say it was entirely my idea, but that would be a blatant lie. My boyfriend, being the extremely wise man that he is, suggested I try using my camera to simply take photos of the fascinating things around me. No planning, no ‘work’ per se - just creating for the sake of creating.

Yeah, I told you he’s wise. 

And I’m especially glad I took his advice.

I look at these photos and I’m amazed at the natural phenomenon that I captured. 

How the colour dances, how the light sparkles. How everything is enclosed and protected. 

The entire Universe is in my backyard, while my backyard is just a tiny part of the entire Universe.

I’m not quite sure how something so simple can be so beautiful, but I do know I’m going to continue documenting the beauty around me. And that I would suffer the uncomfortableness of frozen fingers again and again if it meant freezing time such as this.

Scroll through to see the work of mine that is not my usual work, but the images that make my grounded soul happy.

Emily VanderBeek is a Niagara, Ontario; Champlain, Ontario; and Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Quebec Photographer who specializes in timeless & candid family, portrait, maternity, and branding photography.

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