Niagara Motherhood Photographer | The Importance of Timeless Images

There’s so many different styles of photography. And rightfully so because not everyone has the same taste. But what’s the most important thing photography should be? The answer is timeless.

Timeless photography is not something that’s an editing style, it’s just a feeling. It’s something that will never be outdated or lose its importance.

You know a photograph is timeless when you can look back at it and instantly relive the moment. You’re right back to where you were; with your family in a big group hug, watching your toddler dance around the room, or feeling your baby kick inside your growing belly.

Time passes by before our eyes, but photographs allow us to pause the inevitable. 

You’ll know when a photograph is timeless because of the feeling you receive from it. And photos have a funny way of aging beautifully with time. Their importance elevates.

Looking back on your maternity photos may be beautiful now, but just wait until the baby that was in your belly is now going off to college, getting married, or having a baby of their own. It only gets better.

Photographs are the tangible moments we can hold onto in life, so why let them slip.

Scroll through to see the timeless, feminine, beautiful motherhood moments I captured with Emily at a lovely natural light studio this spring.

Emily VanderBeek is a Niagara, Ontario; Champlain, Ontario; and Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Quebec Photographer who specializes in timeless & candid family, portrait, motherhood, and branding photography.

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