Photos That Freeze Time

There are so many different types of photos out there. 

There’s photos that just sit there on your hard drive because they don’t have anything to offer. You don’t really think much of them other than, “Oh that’s a nice looking family”. 

Then, there are photos that are so beautiful to look at, you can’t help but stop abruptly in your tracks. Maybe it’s all the nice colour tones working together, or it’s just an overall pretty aesthetic; these types of photos are worth looking at for a little while longer. 

THEN, there are the photographs that are so stunning AND are a wonderful moment captured in time. 

All photographs are essentially moments frozen in time. However, the photos that freeze a beautiful, even enthralling, moment are the ones that are harder to come by.

In the late summer, Catherine came to me with an idea to do a “self-love” photo session. I was on board right away, without even really thinking about it. The more I looked up examples of poses and created different mood boards, the more I invested myself into it. I knew I wanted us to create images that made the viewer feel something. Images that were true moments frozen in time. And, I think that’s exactly what we did.

I wanted Catherine to feel confident, so I got her to do various poses that would reflect that. I also wanted her to be comfortable and relaxed, so we had the Coffeehouse Playlist on Spotify playing in the background. 

I think we really achieved the whole “carefree”, “love yourself” vibe that we were aiming for. Whether it’s the closed eyes, the long, flowing hair, or the phenomenal sunset we were blessed with, it all worked beautifully together.

I’m thankful I was able to do this session for Catherine, but I’m also thankful because it encouraged me to slow down. When you’re in a rush during a photo session, you’re more likely to miss all the sweet, little moments and connections. Connections between loved ones, connections between siblings, and in this case, a connection with yourself that this photographer was blessed to witnessed.

At the end of the day, I strive on delivering images for people that make them feel something. Often times it’s joy and beauty, other times it’s heartache and empathy. It doesn’t matter what the feeling or emotion is, I want people to stop for a couple minutes when they see my photographs. I don’t want images with nothing to offer taking up space on my hard drive. And, above all else, I want to continue freezing beautiful and authentic moments in time.

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